Tuesday, November 11, 2008

"love is like a war"

"love is like war"

early to start,

hard to end"

impossible to forget"


Rakesh Kaushik said...

good defination of love

vipul jain said...

when love only love when war only war.
kisi se pyar karo to pagalpan ke hud tuk karo,
aur kisi se nafrat karo to junoon ki terha.

Abhishek said...

Agree with you. Thats why ' Every thingis fair in war and love'.

Dr. Nazar Mahmood said...

why war only there are various things in the world which start fast and never goes out of our mind and take long long time to end that up
but good way to symbloise love
take care
and keep it up

बवाल said...

Totally cute and legendary thought Mam Seema. Your presentation is beyond definition. Great style.

jamos jhalla said...

Seema means limit whereas Love is unlimited .If there is life there is pain ,If there is pain then there is Love .yes Love is like a war .War to achieve unlimited .yes it is not easy to forget .Remember sadaabahaar Devanand .Hehasnot forgotten his first love till date .please show little bit love to my blog also .jhallevichar.blogspot.com

Shambhu Choudhary said...

किन शब्दों को बांध कर
एक गुलदस्ता बनाऊँ,
किन तारों से पिरो कर
एक माला भी बनाऊँ
किन बगिया से फूलों को तोड़,
तेरे बागों में सजाऊँ,
हर फूल तो खिलते हैं
तेरी ही बागों में,
शायद इसी लिए सभी
भंवरें ,मंडराते हैं तेरे बागों में।
किन शब्दों को बांध कर
एक गुलदस्ता बनाऊँ।

अनुपम अग्रवाल said...

love is like war

real to start
never to end
when u are far

G M Rajesh said...

if you love yuor self there will not be any rivals

G M Rajesh said...

if you love yuor self there will not be any rivals

Make happy those who are near, and those who are far will come

mukesh said...

i agree with you,

ek dam sach likha hai


Vijay Kumar Sappatti said...

kya baat hai , sach kaha aapne