Friday, November 30, 2012

"Just Go Away"

"Just Go Away"

My perplexity to know

How much away?


profundity of vision ?

stratum  of Heart?

Jitters of Mind?

staple of soul?

mightiness of Self?


petulance of imagination?


How much away???

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

" Clear Rejection"

" Clear Rejection"

A moment  
You said with  pain and grief
If you are not there,
My Life stops
I have no demand
I need you to carry me
My soul was blended with your words
I felt my existence in your soul

A Moment 
Suddenly  you uttered
 like a  sharp sword
I am not interested in you
I want freedom from you
I am sick and tired of  you
just go Away.................
Such a "Clear Rejection" from You

A Moment
I realized clear rejection
upset mind for some time
but relives the heart for ever
Clear Rejection well  in time
 is appreciated at times........

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Feeling you in Palms- Love Lyrics (Seema Gupta)

"Feeling you in palms....."

In the deep REALM of loneliness
and desert of silence 
unseen and unsaid things 
merge with each other
where silence is thirsty of happenings
thirsty of noise of creation 
thirsty of itself
creating EXUBERANT canvas of moments
your powerful thoughts
appears in cloves of my soul
I try to hold your feelings in my palm 
as if the palm is the complete LOVE to beloved one..
and every line of palms 
every moment of palms… 
even every silenced voice of palm 
making me thrill for a moment 
where i find 
nails engraving YOUR name 
Finally a forced- reminder 

Monday, November 26, 2012

Heart To Heart Love Poetry

" Heart to heart not heart to unknown" 

With a perishable faith 
I was guided towards you for love
where I come to you like a blank paper
where desire wants to see success 
and not a darkness of uncertainty
but after a long journey of 
my aesthetic sense of soul 
where all the theories and notions are failed
in front of visual imaginations 
I find a new visionary status
that there's an illusion of faith..
which is  the reason of my perplexity
i need to know the existence of love 
But , the condition is "if you are not God"
not to be the God is only my reliable source
it may be humane  or something else but not God
which can lead to the glory of  my heart 
and if you are not God 
I am ready to  follow you whatever you say
this is heart to heart not heart to unknown 
where my origin  is a reflecting mirror
and the  hidden combination of soul and body, 
with a large canvas of aspirations.......

"Divine love"

"Divine love"

"Don't Leave me, 


To carry my body 

on my two feet 

I need you"