Monday, November 26, 2012

Heart To Heart Love Poetry

" Heart to heart not heart to unknown" 

With a perishable faith 
I was guided towards you for love
where I come to you like a blank paper
where desire wants to see success 
and not a darkness of uncertainty
but after a long journey of 
my aesthetic sense of soul 
where all the theories and notions are failed
in front of visual imaginations 
I find a new visionary status
that there's an illusion of faith..
which is  the reason of my perplexity
i need to know the existence of love 
But , the condition is "if you are not God"
not to be the God is only my reliable source
it may be humane  or something else but not God
which can lead to the glory of  my heart 
and if you are not God 
I am ready to  follow you whatever you say
this is heart to heart not heart to unknown 
where my origin  is a reflecting mirror
and the  hidden combination of soul and body, 
with a large canvas of aspirations.......

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