Friday, November 30, 2012

"Just Go Away"

"Just Go Away"

My perplexity to know

How much away?


profundity of vision ?

stratum  of Heart?

Jitters of Mind?

staple of soul?

mightiness of Self?


petulance of imagination?


How much away???


Anonymous said...

if your close to someone Seema a sentence like 'just go away' can have many facets and you portray this very well with this poem, good piece.
by Penfold Dax

Anonymous said...

very nice.thought provoking ink.liked it.

Anonymous said...

away away who have no eyes for beauty
by kaviyogidrpandianIAS

Anonymous said...

An awesome read, short but with powerful vocab to augment its meaning, even gave me a couple new words, anyways, glad i stumbled upon it, best wishes.
(Joe Savarese Jr. USA)

Anonymous said...

Nope. Don't go away, just strutt your stuff up and down his pathway till he takes a hike.

(pauline miller UK)

Anonymous said...

I especially liked,'petulance of imagination'. A wonderful phrase.
(by Schrödinger's Cat)

Anonymous said...
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(Jacinta Ramayah, Malaysia) said...

Hello Seema, the best way is to get him right out of your system and cut him right out of your life. Best of luck in doing that, though. Only time will tell if it's far enough.

Westly Shaw USA said...

Short with just the right words!

Lisa La Grange said...

Very deep and cleverly thought out. Well done!

Schrödinger's Cat said...

I especially liked,'petulance of imagination'. A wonderful phrase.

Drongan said...

Nicely done Seema. When someone says "just go away" it realy can be perplexing. How far away must we go? Great poem!

G M Rajesh said...

nice feeling within lines