Thursday, October 30, 2008

"loving is"

"loving is"

" loving is not just looking "
"at each other"
"it is looking in the "
"same direction"


Rakesh Kaushik said...

it it love?
is it true?
the lines hav more thn two meanings
thnx for ur answer abt love!

Rakesh Kaushik

ताऊ रामपुरिया said...

yes, it is quite correct

david santos said...

Really beautiful posting!
I love your creations!!!!Congratulations. Have a nice day.

अनूप शुक्ल said...

वाह! वाह!

बवाल said...

Terribly beautiful post Seemajee. I am agreed to see in same direction.

अनुपम अग्रवाल said...

loving is ;
loving to reach other
to just looking at each other

mukesh said...

ek dum sach keha seema ji