Saturday, September 13, 2008

"In Love"

"In Love"

"Within you I lose myself.

Without you I find myself ,

wanting to become lost again."


Pramod Kumar Kush ''tanha" said...

Within you I discover myself.
Without you I lose myself ,
Love makes all the difference...

Dr. Nazar Mahmood said...

use of very passionate colours in ur writtings and pictures which you have loaded here........ it showsss how passionate u urself is.
keep it up

G M Rajesh said...

feel soul transferred within too

"SURE" said...

तुम्हे पाकर ख़ुद को गंवाया है
तेरे बिन ख़ुद को पाया है
क्यों करता है दिल बार बार
ख़ुद को गंवाने को फ़िर मेरे यार

aapki bahut sundar panktiyon par ek chhota sa pryas mera bhi

Prafull said...

May god bless all the passionate sages the height of earthly delights, beauty & everything that this world has to offer..
It is only after being through the peak that the need for the truth arises...

mukesh said...

uske bina jiya bhi na jaye,
uske bina raha bhi na jaye,