Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Love is when

"Love is when'

Love is when you ,
sink and grow breathless,
but never seem to drown."


Pramod Kumar Kush ''tanha" said...

Love takes you to the shore when you are not sure of any support inside a deep sea of sorrow...

Congrats for holding the torch of love so high..

with love...

makrand said...

what a photograph, amazing,

u got great collections of hearts


makrand said...

great photograph

मोहन वशिष्‍ठ said...

Love is when you ,sink and grow breathless, but never seem to drown

really nice lines very good and keep it up BAHUT ACHCHI LINES

bavaal said...

Respected Seemajee, I do not have words to praise you on this. Tears of heart. No one can see.

"SURE" said...

चाहे सांस थम जाये
रगो में लहू जम जाये
इश्क़ वही जो झुके नहीं
धड़कन का कारवां रुके नहीं
...........बहुत बड़ा यथार्थ निहित है आपकी रचना में ,सुन्दर चित्रों ने और भी कशिश भर दी है.

G M Rajesh said...

beauty of inner sense

Rakesh Kaushik said...


u hav a positive frame of mind also dear. this is tank or thoughts.

Rakesh Kaushik

mukesh said...

photograph or poetry bahut acchi lagi