Monday, June 30, 2008

"In dreams and in love there are no impossibilities."--

(janos Arnay)


Pramod Kumar Kush ''tanha" said...

Love makes 'everything' possible.

Roy said...

Actually it’s not only in DREAM & LOVE but in the REALITY as well.
There is impossibility only in one place that’s self-believe .. whether we believe it possible or not!

Who kahetein hai na “Impossible ends with word POSSIBLE”

Btw, one thing I hv noticed you write “MAIRE.” So what’s right: MERE or MAIRE? Just curious!


"SURE" said...

kyonki pyar aur sapnon ki koi seema nahi hoti,koi taboo nahi hota,koi bandish nahi hoti,ek khula sa aasmaan hota hai.....aur ek lambi udaan hoti hai.sambhavnaon ka saagar yehi se niklata hai,yehin par ummiddon ka smaan aakar milta hai.bahut sahi kaha gaya hai.
"In dreams and in love there are no impossibilities."--

भूपेन्द्र राघव । Bhupendra Raghav said...

what to say now. u already explained the luv n dreams.. nothing beyond it...

Roy said...

Hi, thanks for visiting my space & leaving nice words!!

No-no, “mere” was just a part of curiosity not was my opinion, c’mon!!

I loved this line very much, “aaj phir zindagi se pehle maut aayi hain, chaale aayo”

This “Chaale aayo” is very rhythmic, is it a song-lyric?

Nice reading!

TUMHARA>>>>>>>> said...

"ishq par zore naheen hai yeh wo aatish ghaalib ,
ke lagaaye na lagay aur bujhayay na baney"-----------GHALIB

LOVE is an attractive force , the power of which contains a paradox of mobilization and demobilization at the same moment.
LOVE does not relate to time it relates to ETERNITY
LOVE is an experience par comparison
LOVE is idescribable but effective
LOVE does not love but LOVE