Saturday, June 19, 2010

"Remember still come"

"Remember still come"

Picture marks on the soul of heart
will go to bleak sudden
but Remember still come
Crying laughing singing song
Furnishing of melody tones
you will Take the word rhythm
but Remember still come
lonely path, holding the walk
together spent time swindle
All will vacant
but Remember still come
head on shoulder and ring of touch
on the face of night the moon wreath
Everything will be isolated
but Remember still come


sunil patel said...

Good composition of poem. First blog i have seen beautifully decorated.

विपिन बिहारी गोयल said...

Time marches on
but memory stays
torturing silently
rest of our days

you have beautifully portrayed your feelings.

G M Rajesh said...

remember still come
lost almost
beauty & brain
because age gone
a person whom we love a lot
remember still come

nice expression

अभिन्न said...

...........but Remember still come
every action and reaction shall happen as usual but remembers of beloved will always be there...right right and right
a very beautiful poem written by a beautiful heart

Pam said...

Beautiful words and photo.

Suman said...


Amin said...

Good day! Interesting blog!

Amin said...

Good day! Interesting blog!

G M Rajesh said...

remeber still comes

nicely expressed words frame

Amin said...


sproutsk said...

aapne mera blog padha hardik dhanyawaad,, plz aise hi padhen,, mujhe protsahan milega..

Divya said...

Dear Seema ,

A wonderful post is awaiting your humble visit the following blog.


Trotter said...

Hi Seema! looking forward to seeing some new in your blog...

Blogtrotter Two is in the Valley of Kings waiting for you!! No photos allowed inside the tombs, sorry… Enjoy and have a great week!


Beautiful composition inked in emotions that are true and soulful..
dard badhkar fugan na ho jaaye,
ye zameen aaasman na ho jaaye.

Please continue to write .